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    Once upon a time I have pushed together with the necessity to test the knowledge of my students. It wasn't the biggest problem in my life but I have decided to do it somehow unusual way. There is a lot of testing software around but all I have seen had some shortcomings (I am trying to replace with another ;-)).

    I don't know how to call software I am presenting on this site. So I'll call it "Prototype" because it is a kind of prototype for knowledge testing (and training since 3.0 version) website (the part of, to be exact).

    The first advantage of this way to test a knowledge is that it is web-oriented. So you can place the site somewhere on the web to allow anybody (or somebody) to use your work.

    Platform independence is coming from here - you should have any frames and JavaScript compatible web-browser.

    But Internet access isn't necessary - everything is client-based and you can place the files on the local disk or local network and use them the same way. I am often using it by LAN (netBEUI/Windows 95) with MS Internet Explorer 3.0. This version works with "8.3" file system so it can be used even under DOS.

    One more important thing is that you can create working test without the special knowledge of HTML-programming - using simple text editor. But if you have some skills in HTML-programming you can use any multimedia your browser is understanding. The "art" to use images comes after not more than one hour.

    This test was used for knowledge testing for children 13 years old after 20-minute instruction. So it can be said that no special knowledge is necessary for students too.

    The versions since 3.1 are allow the student to get extended report (how much points was adde for each answer).

    The recent version (4.0) has increased security and allows you to add any number of points for any answer but forces you to give a key for test interpretation (see readme from downloaded prototype for details).

    A student opens file called "start.htm" with web browser (or follows a link from somewhere). Then he/she getting brief instruction and prompt to enter his/her name. After choosing a mode (training or testing) he/she gets a question on the top and three answer alternatives (one answer in training mode). After clicking the button at the left from the answer seems to be right he/she gets the next question and so on. After the 20 questions are answered the student gets the result - time the testing took, total number of questions and right answers number.

    This method was presented on the " City Pedagogic Idea Fair" in Odessa in 1999 and got a diploma "For the best work in Computer Science.". It was also recommended for use in educational facilities by City Methodical Centre of Odessa.

What more?Some other qualities.

   Test it online.